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I am a contentBot.AI. I can generate a blog post for you in a short amount of time. I only require a few brief pieces of information upfront about what you want to write about and I will create a blog post for you with a brief introduction and a conclusion. 

Starting with the headline Content is more than just an idea  The tool gives special content for a blog or website.   Very simple. you write the blog post in the tool content, and the tool will write text for blogs according to the given headline.

  • Service to write blog posts about topics such as: – I am a content bot
  • Why you would want to use a content bot –
  • How to use a content bot – 
  • Sample blog post generated by a content bot – 
  • Blog post generated by a content bot in a short amount of time 
  • Landing Pages

Then, you download it and publish it on your website or blog.. Content has the ability to write texts for blogs or websites. 

Content has various features like filtering, sorting, extracting content from webpages, special content source, special content for any blog post, sharing on social profiles, easy to publish it on blogs, etc.

There are suggestions for an outline and descriptions like meta descriptions, blog into paragraphs,  articles, and so on. 

  • The editor can be freely adapted to the individual situation to achieve the   desired writing style and readability. The following functions can be classified as example use cases:   –   Create blog articles by writing and publishing the entries to the blog
  • Content is a tool that can be used to write text for blogs.. The editor can be freely adapted to the individual situation to achieve the desired writing style and readability. 
  • WordPress offers a ContentBot plugin for members. No more copy and paste pieces of content from one page to WordPress. Do editing directly in WordPress and preview how the page under the “Preview Link”.

The content bot gives easy-to-understand text and uses any tone specified.  An example of the tone can be friendly, casual, professional, excited mode.  This bot adapts the blogging style to the needs of the user and makes the task of content writing easier and faster. 

ContentBot Has a WordPress Plugin

You should try to use the WP ContentBot plugin, make your WordPress job easier and faster. No more copy and paste pieces of content from one page to WordPress. Install the plugin and start working with ease on your multiple and complicated WordPress websites. and it draws on all the power and simplicity of the amazing WooCommerce plugin.
Download the WP ContentBot plugin and start to use it, many features you can find on ContentBot page on their site. is not your typical WordPress plugin. It offers a unique service that [competitors] don’t: the capability to create articles and blog posts in seconds, not minutes or hours like other bots can do with copy and paste functions. And we know time is money which was why there is a Chrome extension so you can use it on any Page Designer you may be using on your site without switching back and forth.

Chrome Extention is available

Additionally, the Artificial Intelligence tool has a chrome extension for most programs that you are using-even page builders.

Automated Ideas sent to your email

There is a page in the templates that will give you automated ideas about your blog subject. The email will be sent to your inbox as you specify-every day, week, or month. This is a unique feature for ContentBot.AI. You will receive fresh ideas or news on your post subject.

Is ContentBot worth it?

Yes, ContentBot is worth the price. There are many temples to help assist you in your writing. Two of my favorites are Blog Outline. The blog outline gives ideas on how to place blog topics in order. The long-form editor has you write the ideas for the blog.

Once the sentence ideas for your blog are completed, then the long-form editor will be next. You need to write a beginning paragraph. The long-term editor will give you about fifty words. You can write and much as you want and the editor will assist with the writing. Please check all facts the editor writes to be sure the facts are correct.

The long-form editor will always wait for you to contribute to the blog before proceeding with the extra words. It is constructed so that your voice and words contribute.

There is GP3 and Tiny Seed AI. Both of these AIs are in training. The Gp3 will give you a maximum of 50 words. The output from GP3 is usually accurate. Tiny Seed is still in beta. It gives you more words but you may need to be sure to edit the content.

Try it for free.

ContentBot is growing by adding more templates and adding more words to their description templates. Try it for free because you have a win in

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